Una settimana di fascino sullo splendido mare delle Isole Eolie

In barca alle Isole Eolie

Une semaine de charme sur la merveilleuse mer des Iles Eoliennes

A charming week on the wonderful sea of the Aeolian Islands

Sailing boats cabin charter







Cabin Charter
Prices for person
and for week


from 27 mars to 24 april

€ 330


from 24 april to 29 may and from 25 september to 23 october

€ 400


from 29 may to 26 june and from 28 august to 27 september

€ 500


from 26 june to 24 july

€ 550


from 24 july to  28 august

€ 650

-place cabin
-Gas For the kitchen, pots and pans, blankets and pillows
-Insurance Boat (RC and Bodies)
-Expenditure port of Embarkation and disembarkation

-Final Finale, Tender and outboard, Gas, Sheets, Towels and Accompaniment payable in cash on arrival at the base for a TOTAL of € 120 per person.
-Imbarchi At other Marine Price on request
-Any Moorings and Galley will be handled on board with a common fund created by the crew (skipper is excluded from the quotas)
Security deposit in the deposit of € 150 per person to be paid in: Cash, Credit Card Visa / Mastercard.

-Telo Sea € 5 per week
-to transfers of groups of 8 people from Catania to Milazzo and / or from Palermo to Milazzo and vice versa is going on:

-shuttle from Catania airport to Milazzo or return www.eoliebooking.com/shuttle

Bank Transfer, Credit Card Visa / Mastercard
50% on booking - 50% 30 days before boarding.
If the departure time is less than 30 days: 100% upon booking.

During the check-in we will be organized a common fund and named the group a cashier / steward to handle the case itself.
Experience shows that, on a day with wine included, never exceed the cost of € 15 per day per person. So at home in a day of celebration.
They cook, you make appetizers for all hours, etc.
Read further down the advice to good galley and remember that the skipper does not participate in the quota for the galley.

The payment of the ports during the holiday are charged to the customer. The cost can vary for a monohull 49 feet from € 70 to € 210 low / high season and for a 44-foot catamaran from € 150 to € 450 low / high season

The skipper as well as occupying the place of work, is passionate about what he does and is happy to take you wherever it can be done and in the best way.

For he makes decisions relating to the boat, to the itineraries and to sailing sailing and motor.
The only thing I can not decide is the weather and sea conditions. For safety of the crew and the boat will take decisions primarily based on the above conditions, in the name of the safety of the crew and the boat.
Any unexpected waivers do not serve to unbalance the happiness of the holiday but only prevent difficult times.

Remember that the skipper is therefore will benefit your visitor of your galley and is exempt from paying any mooring or fuel.


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