Una settimana di fascino sullo splendido mare delle Isole Eolie

In barca alle Isole Eolie

Une semaine de charme sur la merveilleuse mer des Iles Eoliennes

A charming week on the wonderful sea of the Aeolian Islands

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● ARCHIPELAGO OF Aeolian islands
Click on the islands in the map to learn more about their natural and cultural situation and the real-time weather


ADDITIONAL COSTS for Cabin Charter:

Besides the costs of renting the boat there are payable:
-Any Moorings and Galley which will be handled on board with a common fund created by the crew (skipper is excluded from the quotas)
-Final Finale, Tender and outboard, Gas, Sheets, Towels and Accompaniment for a TOTAL of € 250 per person.

The payment of the ports during the holiday are charged to the customer. The cost can vary for a monohull 49 feet from € 70 to € 210 low / high season and for a 44-foot catamaran from € 150 to € 450 low / high season

The skipper as well as occupying the place of work, is passionate about what he does and is happy to take you wherever it can be done and in the best way.
For he makes decisions relating to the boat, to the itineraries and to sailing sailing and motor.
The only thing I can not decide is the weather and sea conditions. For safety of the crew and the boat will take decisions primarily based on the above conditions, in the name of the safety of the crew and the boat.
Any unexpected waivers do not serve to unbalance the happiness of the holiday but only prevent difficult times.
Remember that the skipper is therefore will benefit your visitor of your galley and is exempt from paying any mooring or fuel.

4-tuesday: in the morning is time to go to  'Island Salina (path 25 miles). The first destination of the bay "Pollara"Chosen by Troisi as the setting for his film "The Postman”.
This bay is what remains of the crater of one of the two volcanoes on the island. The bay is beautiful with high walls overlooking the sea that are the framework for this stretch of water from shallow (from 3 to 6 meters) that will allow us to spend a wonderful morning between snorkeling and sweet doing nothing .....
Verso le 14:00 the destination will become the land for a snack from "Alfred"To taste the famous"pane cunzato"And his granita (called by many the best of all Sicily).
Back in the boat we will make a beautiful sailing between the channel Salina e Lipari to land to the 19:00 a S. Marina di Salina where we stop in the harbor for the night and for a visit to the ground.
The possibility to make mountain excursions, through nature trails, will lead us from sea level to an altitude 920 meters Monte Fossa delle Ferns where, with particularly clear days, you will have an overview of all Aeolian Islands.
For the evening we can arrange dinner boat while the more "live" the island offers several places where you can dine and / or entertain.
Then the piano bar "Portobello"There will brighten with listening to good music, dances, drink and entertainment.

5-wednesday: After a good breakfast we start to travel the country in about 18 miles that separate us from 'Island Filicudi, while we sail on this stretch of sea, with the equipment on board will fish something as a starter or, if we're lucky, for lunch.
Meanwhile time passes and you get to Capo Graziano first strip of land of the island of Filicudi characterized by dry and ideal place for lovers Snorkeling.
Verso le 12:00 we will move a few miles to go to the wildest area that lies to the west of the island.
The time taken to visit the different places of attraction (Grotta del Bue Marino, Perciatu and the Rock "La Canna”) will seem to fly and the last hours of the day will give us the most magical sunset of all the islands.
Before that there is more light enough to navigate must head towards Pecorini a Mare. Anchorage, dinner and evening ... on the ground "in life" or to the movies "on deck" looking at the black sky all alight with stars accompanied by the sound of silence and lulled by the waves.


Six on Seven are the Aeolian Islands which we will visit during our stay Weekly. We will made a Tour in sailing boat, already tested, that will allow us to sail about 220 mile marine area assigned by Zeus (Jupiter for the Romans) to “Aeolus God of Wind”.

1-saturday: Usually the shipment takes place on Saturday afternoon (max entered le ore 18:00) after check  and crew knowledge in evening our journey begins.

2-sunday: Our first destination will be the 'Panarea. The distance of about 33 the miles will travel by making a stop at the beautiful Island Lipari.
Some early risers of the group prepare a good coffee for breakfast while, with great enthusiasm, others take part in the maneuvers marinate for giving up its moorings Sail towards the first leg of our journey.
They Are 22 the miles that separate us from the first stop at the 'Island Lipari and, with a little ' Speaker in favor, you can cover in about 3 hours.
We're going to moor at the white beach of Pomice (resort Porticello) which is located on the north-east of the island. This site features few meters of seabed (3-4 meters) with a beautiful light blue water will make us think of being in a huge pool where we will enjoy our first bath.
After doing a bit 'of dips and a swim we leave the island to get to our destination. The arrival at the small islets of Lisca Bianca and Lisca Nera is predictable for the 17:00.
Here you can admire the seabed characterized by spill gas sulfurei that create fantastic games of bubbles and lights a few meters from the surface. Enjoying a drink and dancing on a ( or more ) boats that normally turn into disco will be reached at dusk and will be the time to reach the most suitable anchor for the night.
Once moored Single o coppie will get to know Panarea by Night, cenare al “Sushi”, continue theAperitif the Dance all night passing from Disco “Great"The terrace"Cincotta”.

3-Monday: We are in Panarea and in the morning it's nice to take a walk through the streets of downtown. By day you can admire the bright colors of houses, plants and flowers combined with a scent of figs that expands throughout the country letting us know the other face of the island less mundane and more natural.
For night owls will not like waking up early to take a walk up to the "Prehistoric Village” (located on the peninsula Milazzese berries) but the observed scene will leave you breathless for the beauty of the bright colors that can be admired in the famous "Cala Junco”.
Around 11:00 we will bow to the largest of the outcrops that make up the archipelago of Panarea: islet "Basiluzzo”. We will swim admiring the beautiful backdrops ranging from green / blue of the few feet of water to the deep blue of the deep water.
After an invigorating swim will sail for about 12 miles towards'Island Stromboli to see the little trail north of the island built on the rock of "Strombolicchio"Where it will lead to the 16:00.
There are numerous Sub who come to admire the wall the lighthouse by a depth of 55 meters rises until his top of 49 meters. After a quick visit to the lighthouse ( about 200 steps ) we're going to moor in the harbor (at anchor) a Punta Lena.
For those who are fond of climbing, there is the possibility of organizing a Hike to the Crater ( starting from the base camp to the 17:30).
Pending that any climbers come back from the excursion to the crater ( around 23:30 ) the crew remained on board will have the opportunity to go around the island in Night from the sea and see the show eruptive the volcano that normally occurs, with greater or lesser intensity, about every 30 minutes. Return berth, recovery of the climbers and lullaby .......

6-friday: Last day of sailing. An early start to, after breakfast with croissants, verso le 09:00 we will bow to the 'Vulcano Island.
The path is short only 4 miles then, after just an hour or so, we land on the island to go for a "bath" in the tanks of Fanghi Termali or we can take a walk of about an hour to climb the Crater Volcano. Strolling, you can go through the "fumarole"Particularly active enough to make you believe to be the" underworld ".
Back at the boat to the 12:00 we're going to moor to the south of the island in the small and beautiful bay Mulberry.
In a few feet of water emerald green, from the reflection of the beautiful backdrop of sea grass, we will do our last swim before returning to Milazzo. Verso le 15:00 we will raise the sails for the last time.

7-thursday: Regenerated by the peace of these places again for the next destination that will see us working with a sail of about 16 miles to go in 3 hours until, arrived near the cliffs of the west side of 'Island Lipari, ammaineremo the vele.
Among "Punta Palmeto"And"Punta Cugno Along"We will be able to moor in the beautiful bays that will allow us to make excursions aboard our dinghy to visit the caves and do wonderful swim in one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean Sea.
In the afternoon around 17:00 again towards the south. By making the circumnavigation of the island to reach the opposite side, the town of Lipari "tackle" the passage within Faraglioni that are between Lipari and Vulcano before going to moor Marina Lunga.
Lipari is the largest town of the islands and, after 4 days spent in the dark ( most of the islands visited so far had no street lighting ), you can stroll the streets of the city filled with places that offer even musica “live”, shops where to buy any souvenirs, visit the castle overlooking the bays main island or, walking, reach the "square" of Marina Corta where you can admire an evocative image of the whole.

8-saturday: Morning hours 09:00 check out

Port of Milazzo. Departure is on Saturday at 17 (first-come basis can leave your luggage at the storage port or possibly the boat, normally you can not access to the boat before this time but if the boat was ready before this time you will board ship)

LANDING: Milazzo, arrival Saturday at 9:00 am

Molo Marullo - Milazzo (ME). the base is the starting point of Milazzo Neptune Marina from the northern Sicilian coast closest to the Aeolian Islands and strategic place in the center between the two hub airports of Catania and Palermo.
The Vulcano Island is less than 18 nautical miles from the port.
In addition, the you are in the center of the city, right next to the waterfront Marina del Nettuno Milazzo, and this allows the boat owner to be able to move smoothly to discover the wonders of the area, such as the Castle of Milazzo which is only ten minutes from the marina.
Who arrives at Marina del Nettuno is the latest services and equipment, storage and mooring assistance 24 h by qualified personnel, and all the best amenities for boaters.

Obviously this is an optimal route but everything may change because, remember, the routes are always chosen according to the weather forecast which, the commander, will always be taken to preserve the safety of the crew.

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