Eine charmantes Woche auf dem wunderschönen Meer der Äolischen Inseln




"Angelique" is a superior category Gulet built in 2007, 24 meters long and 7.40 meters wide
A Gulet vacation, a new way to experience the places and the beauty of moving freely, spending your time in a luxury environment suited to your needs.
It has 4 guest cabins with all comforts, perfect for 8 people. 4 showers, 4 toilets and a crew of 3 at your disposal

The living room consists of a lounge area with television, sofas and spaces for lunch and dinner.

There are: bar, oven, fires, 2 refrigerators, DVDs, reading and music area, satellite TV, Wi-Fi.

On-board equipment, including sup-paddles, kayaks, water skis, snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment, are available to guests

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Booking via e-mail: info@eolnet.it - info & Booking by phone: tel. +39 090 9814257