Una settimana di fascino sullo splendido mare delle Isole Eolie

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Une semaine de charme sur la merveilleuse mer des Iles Eoliennes

Eine charmantes Woche auf dem wundersch÷nen Meer der ─olischen Inseln


Segelboote/Segetboote cabin charter

For you who love the sea, and this year you decide that your holidays should be a nice relaxing adventure with an average expense, we suggest you follow us in this exciting discovery with an Aeolian Islands Vacation on a Sailing Boat.

Many islands await you: Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi.
It is important from the very beginning of planning your holidays to make some considerations on this Aeolian Islands Holiday such as:

1) the choice of the connection between your departure base and the port that will allow you to embark
2) find out if a Cabin Charter holiday (
Segetboote cabin charter) or a vacation with Rental of the entire Sailboat (Segelboote) is more suitable for you.

Surely to come on holiday to the Aeolian Islands, the most convenient connection for those coming from beyond the region (Sicily) is by plane which has the airports of Catania and Palermo as main references.

These 2 hubs are well connected to our port of departure, Milazzo. From Catania airport you can get to Milazzo with a shuttle that makes the route in summer several times a day while from Palermo you can get to Milazzo by bus or train or with our taxi service or with different bus lines.

Now let's try to understand which option to choose between Cabin Charter and Location for this Aeolian Islands Holiday.

If you are a Single or a Couple, the Cabin Charter is the right formula for you. Designed for those who want to meet new friends and want to keep a low individual expense for renting a sailing boat with a cost of between 350 and 650 euros per person depending on the period.

If, on the other hand, you are a group of friends or one or more families, the entire Rental of the Sailboat is more suitable with fluctuating costs (boat for 8-9 people) between 2,500 and 6000 euros to which you may add the costs, where you have any. need, a Skipper, a hostess or a Cook.

Of course, being able to speak to one of our consultants (+ 39 0909814257 - + 39 373 8740643 - info@eolnet.it) will help you organize your holiday in the Aeolian Islands in the best possible way by configuring the chosen option with all the details you prefer

At this point all that remains is to get on board and join the "Commander" in conducting your holiday in the Aeolian Islands. You will choose together (and based on the weather) the best route, the "mandatory" stops and the baths ... .. unforgettable.

A light luggage, contained in a soft bag, containing the essentials will accompany you on the journey, add a little patience for any unexpected events and ... .. remember to always follow the wise advice of your Skipper

Good wind


Segetboote (monocarena/catamaran) cabin charter



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